October 8th

Dear friends,

Today we release our latest and at the same time the last video from our AVIATION album.

"Innocent" is a mid-tempo piece with many calm sections. It's nevertheless worth watching, especially if you look how elegant Todd's play in this is. The fills he's playing are just brilliant. Which is also true for Lars' bass performance. Simply wonderful - even though he is not in the picture.

Thanks for all the support we've got!


INNOCENT - The video

September 19th


Hey folks,

Many thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last couple of weeks?

We’re grateful for all the very good reviews AVAITION has got and of course we are especially grateful to the people who bought our album. 

In this regard -  finally all problems are solved with the online shop in the US: delivery and shipping now works as expected.

US online shop


.... and, we ave a new video to share. Enjoy:

LEGACY PILOTS - "Dreamers"



August 13th

WIDE WIDE WORLD single will be released today


Hey folks,

We’re happy to announce the release of our latest single “WIDE WIDE WORLD” on iTunes today as well as the corrosponding video.

Beside the wonderful performances of John Mitchell and Marco Minnemann, the video features also spectacular drone filming of our friend Ricky Garcia, that is worth watching.





July 27th


Hi everyone,

Today the release of AVIATION on iTunes takes place.


To celebrate this a little bit, we share this little video with you, in which Finally George performs a beautiful solo.

Here is the link to the album:

Tunes / Apple Music


and here to the video:



July 23rd


Today’s the day! After one and half year working on the album we have finally the official release day.

CD order national/ international at the Bandcamp site - (Europe)



CD order for German speaking and nearby countries:

Just for Kicks


CD order United States & Canada:

It is also the day, where we release our first single “A Different League” 
Here you will find the corrosponding video:


July 16th

Hey everyone,
We are happy to anounce, that pre-order has started as of today on Apple Music:


JULY 9th 

Album ready for pre-order

We’re happy to announce, that our new album “AVIATION” is in production and that pre-order starts today.

CD pre-order national/ international at the Bandcamp site - (Europe & Canada)

CD pre-order for German speaking and nearby countries:
Just for Kicks


CD pre-order United States here:


Digital album can be pre-orderd here (worldwide of course)

Legacy Pilots / Bandcamp


Please note that,due to the corona pandemic, shipping of physical items like the CD, can take quite some time.

June 29th


Hi everyone,
I can’t believe it, but yesterday the last track has been delivered to the mastering studio.
After 1 1/2 years of composing, recording, producing and mixing we are close to the finish line.
To celebrate this day I would like to share another video. While the track we shared last time was clearly pop oriented, this song is a rocker. In this excerpt, Marco shows an explosive performance, full of energy.
The full video will be released later, as it is in need of a final touch.
The whole team behind the new Legacy Pilots release, is damn excited :-)


Frank Us from Legacy Pilots


Find the Video here: Production Diary No.7

June 13th

We're excited to disclose the squad for "Aviation”.

If everything goes well, release will be end of July, beginning of August.

See the video here:


June 1st
Hey folks, production diary No.6 .
IWe would like to share another snippet from our recordings.
This is a pop song. Shocking, we know.
But beside the eight and ten minute pieces, there was room for some "lighter" music ?

Videp can be found here:



May 1st


When it comes to the mix of a song or album, it does not matter, how many monitor systems you have in your studio. Your mix will sound everywhere different.
Often the moment of truth is, when you listen to the mix in your car the first time.
This time it was not different. The bass drum kicked me out of my socks.
Far to massive.
Since I can’t get my car into my little studio, I had the idea to bring the studio into my car. Nowadays with a DAW’s on a laptop it is possible to do a final touch on the mix while your car becomes the control room.
Here is a little video that shows that it is possible, after I have copied the project to a laptop, to listen and correct the mix, while you’re sitting in the car.
The first section is a track that features, beside others, Marco Minnemann and Pete Trewavas, and the second one features Todd Suchermann on the drums. For both snippets I’ve blended over from the video sound to the current state of the Mix.
Here is a little video how it went -You might like it ;-)


APRIL 4th 2020


We're happy to disclose the title of our new album:
Furthermore we are happy to announce the first official promo video for the new album for end of April.
The flight crew and the planned release date will be announced soon.



January 5th 2020

Production Diary Part 3 is here

Hi everybody, here is the link to the latest production diary video:


It is less about playing or production techniques but rather giving audible examples.

Again, the amazing Marco Minnemann has come up with a mind-blowing performance.

And he is not alone -  We are proud to announce, that another legend has joined the Pilots. The latest member offers a spectacular bass-performance.
And there is also a scientific description  about, "what is a progressive song?" ;-) In case you didn't know...

December 31st


We wish all our friends a prosperous, healthy and happy new year.
We're looking with much excitement into 2020, as we will release our second album in the next couple of months.


Love and Peace from the Pilots


November 24th

Production Diary Part 2 is available:

Frank Us is talking about progress of the next Legacy Pilots album.

He share's several excerpts from a piece of music and talks about the idea behind that extensive instrumental.

"Adventurous Journey" features Todd Sucherman and also Steve Morse.

November 3rd

Are there any news about the Album?



Recently we have received a few questions about the new album we want to share with you. And the answers to it as well of course.

A) Will be the same musicians performing on the new album?
Yes & no. Quite some from the last squad as well as new, but known faces will join for the new album.


B) What are the differences to the last album? Are there any?

1) We have for example more “real” songs.
Does this mean we lack of long & epic tracks?
Not at all. The new album will simply have more tracks and a longer run time

2) There will be songs that we will compose and produce together.

Over the last weeks we have made some progress and so far we are more than happy with the results...



Marco Minnemann has already made several incredible recording sessions.

Drums for three songs are already taped and premixed.

... which is also true for Todd Sucherman recordings and his awesome drum kit!

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